Veteran Services

Military veterans are an essential part of what makes our community so unique. They inspire within us values like duty, courage, and integrity. In truth, we all owe an insurmountable debt to those who have served to defend our freedoms.

We are fortunate that here in El Paso, 78 thousand veterans call our community their home. That means we play a major role in making El Paso the absolute best place for veterans to live and thrive. For over 3.5 years, I have conveyed the significance of El Paso being the Veteran’s Capitol of the United States.

I am very proud to announce that by the end of this year, we will be entitled by this very coveted and well-deserved recognition. El Paso will have a relevant Moniker like most major cities; only being recognized is the “Sun City’ does completely describe what we most value in our community. I am convinced that this entitlement will surely drive Veteran Tourism and, therefore, spark our economic development even further.