Economic Stability

Keeping our local businesses strong is essential for ensuring our local economy’s stability. A strong and stable community is the foundation having the best quality of life initiatives. That’s why I am proud there have been no new revenue tax increases on our local businesses.

As your county judge, I vow to continue to advocate against burdensome tax increases. With your support, we can continue our pursuit of making El Paso the best place to start and grow a business. I will continue my efforts to boost our local economy in ways that positively impact all of us by continuing to be an advocate for initiatives that generate interest from fortune 500 businesses to come to El Paso.

My main objective is not only to bring business to El Paso but to create an interest in major organizations to bring their Corporate Offices to the El Paso Region. I will make it easier for new entrepreneurs in the entire County to get started and create a business-minded community for existing businesses to operate