Providing drinking water and wastewater services

June 8, 2021 admin 0 Comments
We celebrated as we were breaking ground on the first-time construction of waste water services to over 300 residents in the Lourdes & Conquistador Communities! ?? This critical project will help 94 households in the Greater Fabens community gain access to sanitary sewer service! ? The $3M project is funded through a partnership between the County, Lower Valley Water District and the Texas Department of Agriculture. Construction of this project is scheduled to be completed by late Spring 2022.
These communities were originally developed in the late 70’s and early 80’s without access to water and sewer service and were connected to first-time water through a Texas Department of Agriculture grant in June 2012.
Providing drinking water and wastewater services to our constituents is the County’s ULTIMATE priority. ☝?
Moving forward the Commissioners Court has dedicated American Rescue Plan funding to assist 100 more households with water connections and 3,100 households with wastewater connections. Many thanks to our Public Works team and our partners such as Mr. Gerry Grijalva, the General Manager of the Lower Valley Water District who provided an outstanding portion of funding to this project! ?

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