As your County Judge, I am committed to working on initiatives related to Mental health, Veteran services, County infrastructure, economic development, and most importantly, community outreach. I humbly ask for your vote this November 8th. Early Voting starts on October 24th.

A legacy of service

in action

I am proud of my family roots as we have a long record of public service to the border region, the community we all love and call home.

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Our Platform

A legacy of service in action.

Economic Stability

Keeping our local businesses strong is essential for ensuring our local economy's stability.

Health Care

Effective healthcare doesn't stop at treating physical health. Developing our mental health is an essential part of creating thriving, healthy communities.

Veteran Services

Military veterans are an essential part of what makes our community so unique. They inspire within us values like duty, courage, and integrity.

El Paso's Leadership projects

Thanks to our great Partnership with UTEP, we are way on our way to becoming one of the most instrumental Aerospace Districts in the County.

COVID-19 Response

With our efforts, El Paso County is home to 76.5% fully and 88.97% partially vaccinated residents.

Community Ties

El Paso is home to some of the most hardworking and innovative people in Texas. Together, we can take our community to economic and job creation levels we never imagined.

Economic Development

Welcoming new businesses brings a direct benefit to our community.

Working for you

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Proudly endorsed

Proud to be endorsed by my friends

Mayor of El Paso

I am honored to call Judge Samaniego a friend. Together we are focused on making El Paso a great community.

Former National LULAC President

I am very happy to endorse Judge Samaniego. He has done an outstanding job and he is a proven leader.

District 29 State Senator

Judge Samaniego is a proven leader and I am honored to endorse him.


Samaniego has done a remarkable job for El Paso. Our families are safer because he looks out for us and all essential workers.

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Community Voices

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Henry Castillo Supporter

Samaniego met the learning curve head on and did best for the city of El Paso and his constituents, he deserves another term

Linda Mais Supporter

Samaniego understands the needs of his constituents and our community and strives to promote an atmosphere of transparency and openness within the County

Lily Salgado Supporter

Samaniego siempre preocupado por el bienestar d toda la gente, sacrificado siempre su tiempo por ayudarnos.

Frank del Toro Supporter

Samaniego has been a pillar of the community before, during and in the future as he continues to lead our El Paso community.

Ricardo Samaniego Fundraising Event

Re-Elect Ricardo Samaniego

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